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// The wonder years //
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Beautiful mountain landscape | Montenegro (by Layfing photography)
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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

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nature is fucking amazing


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this is literally the best argument ive ever read wow
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Paul Simonon & Mick Jones of The Clash, Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols & members of Steel Pulse demonstrating outside National Front Leader Martin Webster’s house in 1977 (photographed by Caroline Coon).
"Wedlock In Dreadlock": The punk & reggae connection weekly tribute (pt 6)

"…Black and white unite in staging an anti-racism demonstration outside the headquarters of the National Front in early 1977. The protest, a year before the Rock Against Racism concert in Victoria Park, united white punk with black roots reggae.  The two genres of music were booming in the UK at this time. A combination of huge cuts in welfare by a Labour Government under pressure, wage freezes and mass unemployment, along with the uninspiring glam rock and disco that dominated the radio during the mid 1970s, proved to be the perfect breeding ground for the political and religious messages of punk and roots reggae…”

(More stuff on "Wedlock In Dreadlock": The punk & reggae connection weekly tribute, here)
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UC Berkeley’s Early Warning System Beat Napa Earthquake by 10 Seconds
Ten seconds before the San Francisco Bay Area started shaking early Sunday morning, an experimental system in a UC Berkeley lab sounded an alarm, counting down to the impending earthquake. The system works through an array of sensors near the fault line which calculate the severity of the quake and broadcast a warning.

It might not seem like much, but even a few seconds notice could allow utilities to shut off gas lines, elevators to let people off at the next floor, and trains to slow down. The USGS cites the benefits a warning could give to a doctor in the middle of performing surgery. In 2012, BART adopted an automatic braking system linked to the program, called Shake Alert.

Read more about UC Berkeley’s earthquake early warning system.
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